A white-labeled coaching app software to automate bookings & coach online starting at $30/month.

  • Video Analysis
  • Time Slots
  • Online Programs
  • Content Subscriptions
  • Package, products & more in a complete coaching digital tool.
coaching app pro dashboard data blocks

Online & in-person coaching features for individual & group bookings.

1. Video Analysis

REVIEW & MARK-UP Client videos, Images, Audio & messages.

  • Control playback speed
  • Markup / Draw on video or image files and post in chat with customer
  • Post Video, image, audio or document file from your library
  • Upload a custom video
  • Mark complete when done

2. Time Slots

create, Share & Book Individual or group Time Slot Events.

  • Set Specific Time Slots
  • Set Flexible Time Slots
  • Single or Multiple Day
  • Unlimited Event types
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Unlimited Bookings

3. Content Subscriptions

create Recurring subscriptions using TAGGED content.

  • Set tags per file type to be included in the subscription
  • Video, image, audio & documents
  • Use broad or exact match for tags
  • Automatic Renewals
  • Post new Content to Existing & New subscribers
  • 1-click invitations & bookings

4. Programs (day/step)


  • Track customer progress
  • Set Automatic Renewals & Expirations
  • Customers mark each step or day when complete to access the next program item
  • Perfect for Exercise, drill and other flow based programs
  • 1-click invitations & bookings

5. Packages w/ Credits

SELECT EVENT TYPES & Set the Amount of Package Credits

  • Customers can Use Package Credits for Bookings & purchases
  • Set the items types per package
  • Set Max Credits per Item Type
  • Set expirations & renewals
  • perfect for "Class Pass" Packages
  • Great way to Bundle Items

6. Products Store

Sell products online to customers wtih online payments

  • Create Products
  • Set Inventory
  • Post items for Sale
  • Send messages
  • Manager orders

7. Analytics & Reporting

Analyze booking and revenue performance using the pro dashboard sales & revenue data. view booking history and revenue per customer on customer detail pages.

Other Features

- Notifications

- Customer Management

- Marketing Tools

- Content Asset Library

- Auto Bookings

- Stripe online payment integration

- Embed results in other websites

- English & Spanish

- Invitation lists

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Private labeled to your brand. Your domain name, logo, color, text & images.

Each pro subscriber is built a personalized white labeled web app based on features and branding.

The web app will use the coach's name, logo, colors, font, domain name & other matching business information across the app.

Customers will feel the app as part of your brand and not realize it is operating on the Coaching App software platform. Get booked. Build your brand. Starting at $30 per month.

Web App & Native App Versions available.

Run the web app on Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox or select the optional private labeled native app versions for the Apple iOS App Store & Google Play Store platforms. Ask us about it






Benefits of the Private Labeled Software Platform

There are several reasons why coaches might choose a private labeled coaching app to get booked for in-person and online lessons:

  1. Custom branding: The private labeled software allows coaches to create their own branded website and marketing materials, which can help them stand out from the competition and establish a professional image.
  2. Increased exposure:  helps coaches attract new clients by making their services more visible online. This can be especially useful for coaches who are just starting out or who want to expand their business.
  3. Convenience: makes it easy for coaches to schedule and manage lessons, freeing up more time for them to focus on coaching.
  4. Improved communication: facilitates communication between coaches and their clients, allowing them to exchange messages and discuss details about the online lessons.
  5. Easy payment: allows coaches to accept payment for lessons directly through the app, making the payment process easier and more convenient for both the coach and the client.
  6. And more!! Contact us for a personal demo. 

By using our white labeled software, coaches can take control of their brand and make it easier for clients to book and pay for lessons, which can help them grow their business and increase their income.

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